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Magento website development is all about making the best even better.

Our team of Magento-certified developers knows what it takes to build standout websites. We know because we have done it already. We work hard to extract the very best elements of the world’s number-one ecommerce platform, and because Magento is the only platform we work with, we know and understand it better than anyone.

We’re able to customise the functionality of Magento to suit your needs flawlessly. Secure, affordable, multi-channel ecommerce of the highest quality – all delivered by our dedicated Magento Development team.

Magento Experts

We Know Magento doesn’t just know the platform – we are experts. Our team includes Magento-certified developers with the knowledge and ability to make things happen.

E-commerce All In One

We can create and set up your Magento store as well as manage your inventory and payment solutions.

Professional Magento Architects

To get the most out of Magento, it needs to work for you – not the other way around. Your business may need Magento to twist, turn and bend over backwards to accommodate your needs.

Dedicated Project Managers

Hate the thought of dealing with a different representative every time you call? So, do we – it’s not an efficient way to work.

Magento Support

We prefer to offer the on-going support your business needs. From minor bugs to major outages, you can count on us to address any issue that stands to harm your business.

Custom Modules

We can create custom Magento modules and extensions to suit any need.

How We Work

New Build Project
Here at We Know Magento, many of our customers come to us with nothing but a blank canvas and a dream. They have a good idea what they want, but lack the expertise to bring their vision to life. Which is why we’re proud to offer a comprehensive new-build service for Magento web businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether in need of professional inspiration or unsure how best to proceed, we can help. We’ve already created hundreds of highly successful Magento website and know exactly what it takes to succeed. So, if you’d like support from our team of experts when starting your project, we’d be delighted to help!

Our new-build Magento website services typically include the following components:
1. Identifying your goals and requirements
2. Consider your competitors and market challenges
3. Preparing initial estimates and contracts
4. Establishing goals, milestones, and deadlines to meet
5. Comprehensive design and consultancy
6. Implementation of agreed design and function
7. Extensive human and automated site testing
8. Optimisation and improvement where required
9. Final return of the website to the customer
10. On-going support and consultancy


Existing Project
We understand that while you may already have a Magento store up and running, it might not be performing to your expectations. It may be the bare bones of an eCommerce operation, or you’ve invested tirelessly in a Magento project over any number of years. Either way, you need the experts on your side to ensure your website becomes all it can be. Here at We Know Magento, we offer comprehensive ‘project rescue’ services for existing Magento websites of all shapes and sizes. Whatever you want to improve, we can make it happen. From improving technical performance, to increased exposure, to securing more conversions, we’ll show you what your site is capable of.

Our existing project Magento website services typically include the following components:
1. Full consultancy and independent advice on your current site
2. Auditing your site’s primary coding
3. Discussion and cost estimates for the most urgent repairs
4. Implementation of time-critical or serious repairs
5. Establishment of goals, milestones and deadlines
6. Deeper auditing of site coding and performance in general
7. Discussion of potential areas for improvement and rough costs
8. Implementation of agreed changes and enhancements
9. Extensive site testing to verify and demonstrate improvements
10. Final return of the website to the customer

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Magento Code Audits

To keep your store as strong and competitive as possible, We Know Magento will carry out an in-depth review of its primary coding. From improving site speed to plugging holes in security to essential SEO elements, our code audits focus on all-round improvement. Performed on a regular basis or as a one-time-only health check, a comprehensive code audit can make all the difference for your eCommerce business.

Vigilant testing is an important part of every website

Comprehensive site testing is just as important as design and development. In fact, it’s one of the most important steps in the development process. Here at We Know Magento, we refuse to leave it to our clients to identify and deal with the minor issues and errors that accompany website development. We invest money and time in comprehensive system testing to ensure flawless performance before considering the project complete. With new site builds and project rescues alike, we take system testing seriously.

Effective Web Development Solutions

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