Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make sure my Magento eCommerce project gets off to a good start?

In short, by involving the experts from the earliest possible stage. While it’s possible to rescue and enhance projects further down the line, it’s always better to prime them for success from the word go. Whatever your goals, targets and business vision, the sooner you get in touch, the better.

How do I choose a Magento service provider?

Experience, expertise and enthusiasm – the three primary cornerstones of an outstanding service provider. But it’s also a good idea to request evidence of past success stories, not to mention the feedback and recommendations of satisfied customers. Put the pieces together and you have yourself a Magento service partner you can rely on.

What’s the most important aspect of an eCommerce strategy?

Two things – vision and goals. In short, you need to know what it is you want to achieve and have an idea of how you’ll do it. As for the rest, making it happen is where we come in. We Know Magento supplies the technical knowledge and expertise to breathe life into your eCommerce dreams.

How do I get my Magento site and other systems to work together?

Again, you come to us and let us take the lead. Whether running physical stores or purely eCommerce operations, we can help ensure each of your business assets works seamlessly together. We’re all about making intricate eCommerce solutions as simple and accessible as possible.

What if my previous Magento project failed?

Here at We Know Magento, we’re happy to take on projects at any stage and in any condition. Brand-new projects, existing projects in need of improvement and projects that have failed entirely.

Can I switch from a provider I’m dissatisfied with?

Absolutely. If you’re unhappy with your current Magento partner, we’d be happy to take over at any time.

How can I increase Magento site speed?

There are countless ways of improving the overall speed of your eCommerce site – some more complicated than others. Upon evaluating your site’s current coding and architecture, we’ll present you with a proposal for significantly improving overall performance. If it sounds good, we’ll make it happen.

Can you help increase traffic to my eCommerce site?

In a word, yes. From overall site performance to intelligent use of SEO and so much more besides, there’s a lot we can do to improve the exposure your business receives. What’s more, we can also help your site earn the kind of targeted traffic that makes all the difference.

Can you help boost substandard conversion rates?

The better your site performs, the smoother the user-experience and the more you stand out from the competition, the more conversions you can expect. At We Know Magento, we specialise in making all of these happen for your website – consistently and reliably.